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Santos Organics Contributions + Flood Support

Santos Organics Contributions + Flood Support


Thus far, Santos Organics has donated food to the following prep kitchens of amazing chefs and businesses donating their time and preparing huge volumes of meals for those in need and emergency workers. Special thanks goes out to Wal at @naturalicecreamaustralia and @pipsplate who have gone above and beyond and set up a big central food hub to distribute cooked meals from, the Moller Pavilion in Bangalow, NSW.

A massive thanks to the following prep kitchens:⁠ ⁠ ⁠

@consciousground kitchen ⁠

@baygrocer with @100miletable



As well as our very own Santos Organics kitchen at Mullumbimby, with our chefs having cooked over a hundred organic hot pots to fuel volunteers and people in need via Mullumbimby Civic Hall and smoothies to keep our community nourished with organic goodness.

We have also donated food, cleaning and other supplies to the central support hubs, C3 Church in Byron A&I, Mullumbimby Civic Centre / The Hub and Lennox Head Community Centre.

Smaller donations have been spread via our Byron stores and are reaching places like the Ballina High School for distribution, as well as a new Lismore food hub and amazing local Byron business owner making bircher mueslis…

We’re donating Santos Organics Rescue Remedy to our community out of our Mullumbimby location and each site had the option to provide immediate needs last week within the shop and café. 

There are more we may have missed but we are certainly working hard to support our community to stay strong, healthy and empowered throughout this time of crisis!

A special mention and big thank you to our suppliers that have come on board to donate goods for us to distribute to where it is needed most, our community needs ongoing support and it is a long road to recovery.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to donate food and/or products and we can assist you with coordination efforts - every little bit helps. Stay strong Northern Rivers and keep spreading the good vibes. We love you and will get through this together! 

Further Community Support 

We are currently offering FREE Rescue Remedy for our community from our Mullumbimby Santos Organics dispensary and have recently posted important support information on our social media pages, including:

Safety Cleaning and Flood Support Kit (in collaboration with Mullumbimby Naturopath Jana): read full article HERE 

First Aid and Flood Recovery Essentials (from our Naturopathic Dispensary), including the following products:

  • Rescue Remedy
  • Vitamin C: immune health
  • Valentines honey/high strength Manuka UMF 15+ internally or topically on cuts
  • Antibacterial/ anti-fungal herbal cream for cuts
  • Magnesium: stress and anxiety, muscle aches + pains
  • Thieves oil: use in diffuser and for cleaning to help kill + combat mold issues in homes

Please share this supportive information with anyone on the ground to support them best with the clean up and recovery efforts.

For further Flood Relief support and information, please follow us on Instagram @santosorganics or our Facebook page