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2024 Donations
Save Wallum
Grow the Growers
Organic Landcare


Each year, team members who are passionate about making a positive change in our community voluntarily donate 1% of their income to local charities and community groups.

Last year, 25 incredibly generous team members raised over $8600 for the Team Contribution Fund donating to  Save Wallum ($4000), Grow the Growers Project ($2600), and Organic Landcare Incorporated ($2000).

A huge thanks to all the legends at Santos who generously donated to improve the health and well being of our community and our natural ecosystems. You are beautiful humans and powerful changemakers—we love you!


Local organic farmers provide a foundation for health, community, and sustainable food production. By care for the land and the ecosystems on which we all rely, organic farming offers a solution to many of the health and environmental issues we face.

Our Grow the Growers project provides support to local organic farmers to ensure longevity of organic farming and greater food security in our region.j

We've recently reduced the price on the 2024 Dirty Dozen to ensure our customers have access to the cleanest, healthiest food possible.

We also review our pricing on a regular basis to ensure you'll find the most local and nutritious food at competitive pricing.

100% of our Fruit & Veg is either certified organic or certified organic in-conversion.

Certified organic in-conversion means the farm is following, and is audited against, all the requirements of a certified organic farm and but is yet to become fully certified.

We support the process of becoming a certified organic farm through our Grow the Growers project to grow the number of certified organic farmers in the Northern Rivers.


We donated $1500 to The Returning who support people of all ages, races, and places back to country, as well as offering pregnancy and post-natal support to local First Nations mothers by creating wellness spaces and preparing meals using local and organic ingredients wherever possible.

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Misty Creek Agroforestry

What is Misty Creek Agroforestry? A beautiful agriculture that is ecologically, economically and socially sound. A perennial-based system that is attempting to break the mould of the destructive annual agriculture and diet.

Full Profile

Conscious Ground

Conscious Ground is a certified organic farm in Byron Bay dedicated to regenerating land and providing healthy produce for the community. Bringing together future leaders through education in regenerative, holistic food and wellness practices.

Full Profile

Organic Forrest

I am a part of our family team which operates over our four Certified Organic properties and I appreciate the commitment and dedication of them to the outcomes we achieve together.

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Five Sixty Farms

Hey !!...I'm Pepe from Five Sixty Farms. I'm a father of 8 home-schooled kids and married to the amazing Jacqui.  We love the earth we are blessed to caretake and see the plants respond with utmost happiness.  

Full Profile

Bio Organics Farm

Meet one of Santos Organics' local and certified organic farmers, The Bio Organic Farm near Murwillumbah, a family run business managed by Oogie and Basil with their two little boys. Follow their farming journey on Instagram @thebioorganicfarm

Full Profile

Tobias O'Grady

My name is Tobias O'Grady and I am farming at Johny’s Garden, Duranbah NSW (certified organic). You can follow my farming journey on Instagram @ag_venture.

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We source our certified organic produce from local farmers ensuring the freshest, most local product you can find in the region.

We're striving for an anti competitve market where local farmers are empowered to grow a diverse range of crops with guaranteed access to market.

Shopping with Santos Organics means your supporting farming as a career choice and ensuring longevity of farming in this region.

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