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Home & Sustainability

  • Vegetable Cleaning Brush - Redecker - Santos Organics

    Product Details Featuring a hard side for root vegetables and a soft bristle side for more delicate produce like tomatoes and zucchini Measures 14...

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  • Oxygen Bleach 900g - MiEco - Santos Organics
  • Pastry Brush - Redecker - Santos Organics Sold Out

    Pastry Brush - Redecker Measures 15cm x 4cm Hand crafted in Germany

  • Laundry Powder - Ultra Sensitive 1kg - Ecostore - Santos Organics

    Fragrance Free Ultra Sensitive Laundry Powder Approved by Sensitive Choice® Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin Free from fragrance and co...

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  • Sal Suds Cleaner - Santos Organics

    Perfect for general household cleaning (dishes, floors, laundry, etc.), it cleans and rinses with exceptional power, yet it is mild and gentle on t...

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    • 473ml
    • 946ml
  • Laundry Liquid - Eucalyptus 1lt - Ecostore - Santos Organics

    Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid Organic eucalyptus oil refreshes and dispels odours Made from plant and mineral-based ingredients No optical brighteners...

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  • Hemp Nut Milk Bag - Hemp Tribe - Santos Organics

    Hemp Nut Milk Bag - Hemp Tribe Made from fine quality hemp fabric & quality tested No dyes, bleaches, softeners or synthetics used in the m...

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  • $7.95

    Santos Organics' Jute Bag is an environmental friendly multipurpose bag. The perfect alternative to plastic bags, for carrying your groceries. Jute...

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  • Loofah Soap Sponge Oval - Redecker - Santos Organics

    Loofah Soap Sponge - Oval - Redecker Dry brushing is a spa technique designed to remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, help eliminate bod...

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  • Lunchbox Crunchbox with Pots - Seed & Sprout - Santos Organics

    Seed & Sprout's Crunchbox with Pots is a stainless steel lunch box that organises and separates out portions. This lunchbox is made with odour ...

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  • $10.95

    Biogone’s Biodegradable Cling Wrap degrades approximately 90+% faster than conventional plastic cling wrap. Once broken down, it then produces an o...

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  • Sold Out

    Description There's so much to love about our Rectangle Eco Stows! Their lids are made from FSC Bamboo & they have a versatile borosilicate g...

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Why use more sustainable products in your home?

What is a sustainable product?

The terms ‘eco-friendly’, ‘green’, and ‘sustainable’ products are thrown around a lot these days. But what makes a product truly sustainable? At Santos Organics,we make sure that all the sustainable products we stock have environmental benefits over the entire product life cycle. This means that our Australian sustainable products must be made or packaged in recycled or natural packaging and are preferably biodegradable. They must not be harmful to the environment.

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