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Santos Organics takes action on Palm Oil

Santos Organics has taken action to ensure every product they stock is free from unsustainable and untraceable palm oil and palm derived ingredients. The Santos Organics store in Mullumbimby NSW. …
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Types of plastic

The lowdown on plastic!

It’s absolutely no mistake that humans are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in today.  Each and every one of us, families and friends have been entwined in the…
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Palm Oil

The Problem with Palm Oil

In Western society, palm oil is the most commonly used vegetable oil. However, most people have never even heard of what palm oil actually is, let alone understand the negative…
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Plastic found at beach

Plastic Pollution: The Facts and Figures

Plastic pollution is the accumulation overtime of plastic in the Earth’s natural environment. These plastics come in many sizes (micro, meso, macro) and are partially responsible for destroying wildlife and…
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