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Palm Oil Investigations

Palm Oil Investigations Audit

Following our recent Palm Oil Investigations Audit, we will be making some changes to our personal care, skin and hair care and cleaning ranges over the next few months. There…
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Palm Oil Audit

Palm Oil Investigation Audit

Palm Oil Audit As mentioned in our recent newsletter article on palm oil, we are in the process of auditing all of our products in partnership with an organisation called…
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Palm Oil

Palm Oil and What You Need to Know!

At Santos Organics, we love to help our customers make informed and ethical choices. With palm oil, these choices can be difficult where there are no mandatory labelling requirements in…
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Easy Mulberry Balls

Easy Mulberry Balls – From Katie for our “Win 1kg of Dried Organic Mulberries” comp (sign up for our  newsletter if you want to stay informed about our comps, recipes…
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