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Our Values

Our Values

Santos Organics was created back in 1978 from the original vision of ‘the good life’... good vibes and good food. Our culture is unique and grounded in our values - the Santos Organics Culture Code:

Wholehearted: We're Spreading Wholehearted Goodness
We believe in treading lightly and treating all people and our planet with kindness and respect. We take pride in providing the most ethical products to make it easy for our customers to make healthy choices - and we spread good vibes along the way!
Spreading Wholehearted Goodness
Changemakers: We're Inspiring Conscious Change
We’re a little shop with a big heart and we believe that to care for ourselves is just as important as caring for Mother Earth. We are a group of passionate changemakers united by our purpose to be a catalyst for a better tomorrow - in all of our actions!
Inspiring Conscious Change
Integrity: We're Acting with Integrity
We are honest, transparent and achieve trust by always acting with integrity and responsibility. We are committed to doing what is in the best interest of Santos Organics, our team, our customers and Mother Earth at all times - even when no one is watching!
Acting with Integrity
Learning: We're Cultivating a Love of Learning
We value our people and provide a supportive and fun environment that empowers everyone to learn, grow, and thrive. We encourage new ways, welcome change and work together to reach our goals - always with a growth mindset!
Cultivating a Love of Learning
Oneness: We're Creating an Inclusive Community
We are part of something bigger than ourselves and we choose to nurture a warm and inclusive connection to each other, our community and Mother Earth. We recognise that every action has an impact - so we treat others as we’d like to be treated!
Creating an Inclusive Community