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As a not-for-profit social enterprise we are not your ordinary health food store & cafe. Every purchase you make helps fund social & environmental projects.

Our 2020 grants funds are helping our environment recover from the bushfires

The road to recovery from the devastating bushfires will be long, and we want to be a part of the solution. This means we did things a little different this year with our grant funds. As an environmental not-for-profit social enterprise, we chose to allocate our 2020 grants funds to help our natural environment recover, by supporting the following environmental projects:

ReForest Now - $10K for planting 2,000 trees at the local Wanganui bush fire site Wilson’s Creek just north of Byron Bay / west of Mullumbimby was affected in the 2019/2020 bushfires. This region is of key ecological importance being part of the regions remnant rainforest, The Big Scrub Rainforest. ReForest Now is currently working with local landcare and bush regenerators to clear burnt remains, after which the plan is to begin planting native subtropical trees where they once stood. This project is part of a plan to plant approximately 10,000 trees across three sites within Wanganui, and Santos Organics is proud to be able to provide $10,000 to cover the planting of 2,000 of these trees. Supporting the bushfire recovery at this local site is close to our hearts and we are excited to partner with ReForest Now to plant these trees!

Friends of the Koala - $10K to support with core operational expenses Friends of the Koala (FOK) is a non-governmental organisation, committed to conserving koalas and preserving and enhancing their habitat, particularly in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. In doing this FOK aim to make a key contribution to Australia’s biodiversity. With the devastating number of injured wildlife during the recent bushfires FOK’s work is more important than ever, hence Santos Organics decided to partner with FOK to support with their core operational expenses with a donation of $10,000. Our support ensures that FOK can continue their important work that covers:
  • Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing of recovered koalas
  • Protecting and enhancing koala habitat
  • Educating the community about issues affecting koalas
  • Advocating on the behalf of koalas
  • Assisting relevant research

Rainforest Rescue - $20K to protect & preserve the unprotected Daintree Lowlands Rainforests are sadly under constant threat from development and climate change. Preventing future disasters by helping to protect and restore our precious rainforests is a key priority for Santos Organics, and to achieve this we have partnered with Rainforest Rescue and donated $20,000 to enable land purchase and restoration of 4,000 square metres of unprotected Daintree lowland rainforest. Rainforest Rescue is a small not-for-profit conservation organisation accomplishing significant conservation outcomes in the unprotected Daintree lowlands and we are excited to work with them to protect the world’s most ancient rainforest. The Daintree is also the most biodiverse place in Australia, so protecting this land is a unique opportunity that also extends protection to thousands of species of wildlife, many unique to Australia and many that are at risk. PLUS our Emergency Response in November 2019 - we donated $5K to NSW RFS helping those risking their lives on the frontline and $5K to Wires helping our precious wildlife in need.For all grant enquiries please contact Annina on


Past Funded Projects

The 2019 Santos Organics Grant winners  Thanks to team members who salary sacrifice 1% of their wage each week, and with $17,500 matched by Santos Organics, the following not-for-profit organisations received a cut of our $31,500 Grants funds in 2019, to support the following worthy projects:

Sea Shepherd - Marine and plastic debris clean-up on Moreton Island in aid of ocean wildlife protection $9,000

ReForest Now - Nursery development at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens for rainforest regeneration projects $6,500

Hope for Health - Equipment for transforming indigenous health in the Northern Territory $5,000

Future Dreamers - 4 regional workshops to improve the mental health and resilience of at risk and disadvantaged girls $5,000

Surfers for Cetacean - Website upgrade for communication of ocean wildlife protection $3,000

Disabled Surfers Association - 5 surf events for community members with a disability and volunteers $3,000

We loved working with these awesome environmental and social not-for-profit organisations throughout 2019 to help them make the world a better place.2018 Investments in Farming, Reforestation and Renewable Energy Five local organisations have been announced as the recipients of $40,000 in grant funding provided by Santos Organics as part of their ongoing grants program. The funding sees environmental investment injected into the strengthening of the Northern Rivers Young Farmers Alliance’s website platform to support young farmers, infrastructure development at Byron Bay Herb Nursery, materials required to develop the Byron Bay Reforestation Project, and funds to support the Repower Byron Shire project driven by the collaborative effort of Zero Emissions Byron, COREM and Enova Energy. Further to these projects, local charity and social project Comfort for Kids has gained funding for a two-part program to support 200 vulnerable Northern Rivers children with sleep support, and an online course for the parents and carers to better understand the health benefits of high quality sleep. General Manager Michael Lyon said “we received a huge number of applications this year and would have loved to support so many of the projects. We’d like to say a big thank you to all the applicant organisations, to all our shoppers for making this grant funding possible and to our wonderful staff whose donations Santos have matched to make this grant funding round possible.”

$30,000 awarded to local environmental projects - September 2017

Santos Organics are proud to announce the following projects have received funding made possible by our customers purchases.

Mullumbimby Community Gardens - Kitchen Upgrade $13,096 Byron Hinterland Seed Savers - Perennial Food Hub & Seed Registry $5,000 Mullumbimbees - Amateur Bee-Keeping Resource Centre - $2,900 Federal Childrens Community Centre - Food Forest Rehabilitation and Expansion w/ Training Programs - $9,000 Thank you to all our customer who make these donations possible. Together we are building healthy futures for our future generations.


$40,000 awarded to enhance the environment and the well-being of our community - May 2017

Six community projects were awarded a total of $40,000 from the Santos Organics Staff Charity Fund this year. Fully funded projects include the Byron Hinterland Seed Savers temperature-controlled seed bank, the Byron Youth Theatre’s performances, workshops and community evenings promoting healthy eating and living, and the Mullumbimby and District Neighbourhood Centre’s work supporting our community. Partially funded projects include the Madhima Gulgan Australian Rainforest Foundation’s project employing local indigenous staff to undertake bush regeneration in the Byron Hinterland, Future Feeders’ development of an urban farm model with training capacity for young farmers, and Plastic Free Byron’s Boomerang Bags project, to supply accommodation providers in the Byron Shire with reusable bags for their guests.