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ACO Accreditation

SANTOS ORGANICS has a focus on certified organic products with a strong emphasis on local and Australian grown products.

We are a certified organic processor and all our suppliers, growers, farmers are certified ensuring all links in the chain are too.

Organic certification addresses a growing worldwide demand for organic food and is intended to assure quality and trust in the products that we offer. As part of our beliefs, we know it's important to continue to educate around organic produce, so customers and businesses have the knowledge to choose organic and we truly believe that organic food is not only better for you but tastes better too.

Our business is certified with ACO and audited once every year to ensure we are adhering to all regulations as we believe and value this certification very much. Organic products that are ACO certified means they are free from human-made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators, and GMOs. As you know some lines are not grown or available in Australia so we purchase imported products  through trusted certified organic sources whom we have a strong trading relationship with and who have proven track records around quality and our needs.