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Gifts & E-Gift Cards - Santos Organics

Gifts & E-Gift Cards

  • Byron Trails - Mairead Cleary - Santos Organics Sold Out

    Byron Trails is the ultimate guide to walking, running or cycling trails in the greater Byron area. It is the first and only comprehensive guideboo...

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  • Current Price $21.95
    Original Price $24.95

    Loco Love’s Gingerbread Chocolate Box contains 4 chewy, vegan, ginger caramel, blended with crunchy gingerbread pieces covered in 70% dark chocolat...

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  • $29.95

    Description If you want to make your house feel cozy, this is the perfect product for you! Mullumbees Candles are 100% natural, handmade by our loc...

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  • $29.95

    Vallentine’s Honey is of the highest quality, consistency and potency. As a result of years of research, testing and studies, this honey contains i...

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  • Sold Out

    The Moontime Diary 2024 is an annular Moon Diary which helps you stay healthy and organised. This diary includes why the lunar cycle influences you...

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  • $33.95

    DescriptionSacred Earth Medicine’s Ceremonial Cacao is the highest grade, highest vibration, and most energy-intense cacao on the planet. This bloc...

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    • 200g
    • 400g
  • Konjac Sponge - Seed & Sprout - Santos Organics In-Store Only

    The Konjac sponge is the perfect way to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin and stimulate blood flow in a natural way. The sponge can be used fo...

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  • In-Store Only

      Incense of the World's Fire Flame is a beautiful Himalayan Incense box. This box contains the incenses, Sandalwood, Juniper and Nag Champa.   

  • Restore Serum Retreatment Botanics 30ml - Santos Organics

    Retreatment Botanics' Restore Serum is a potent serum that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for vibrant, glowing skin. Made with n...

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  • $49.95

    This is no ordinary box of chocolates! To bring some peace to your world, we've mingled 9 of our most popular flavors into one stunning box, so you...

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  • $24.95

    Description This apoptogenic hot chocolate is rich in flavour and smooth in texture, created to restore the body’s biochemical balance and natural ...

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Choosing an ethical gift

Why should we think ethically when choosing gifts?

In this consumer-driven world, we’ve all fallen into the spend spend spend mentality. However, we now realised that many of the gifts we buy are made unethically.
Some mass-produced products made overseas use sweat shop labour. Enormous amounts of plastic is used either in the products themselves, or in the surrounding packaging.
There is nothing better than the gift of giving, however it’s time we all... Read More