Every purchase you make at Santos Organics contributes to environmental and community projects. We are 100% Not-For-Profit.

As an Australian registered environmental charity, our guests know any purchase with us is an investment in healthy futures through 100% of our profits funding environmental and community projects, or simply improving our service to you.

We take our position as a leader in sustainable living seriously. We choose products that have been hand-picked by our team based on our Ethical Procurement Policy. View it here – it’s world class.

We preference local farmers and producers as much as possible, so by shopping with us you know you are supporting our local suppliers and reducing food miles and pesky greenhouse gases as much as possible.

We strive for our values to be reflected in the way we run our organisation. From the 100% renewable energy we run on to our recent transition to end the use of disposable takeaway cups in our cafes, we are committed to modelling the lifestyle choices we hope to inspire our customers to make.

Want to empower your purchases? Whether it be our grant programs, our ongoing donations, or our sponsorship of local groups & events, we are committed to building healthy & sustainable communities and every purchase you make helps us do just that.

Santos Organics, clean food funding healthy futures.