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Santos Organics x Rainforest Rangers

Santos Organics x Rainforest Rangers

We are thrilled to announce our new collaboration with local, environmental reforestation initiative Rainforest Rangers (in conjunction with Not-for-Profit Rainforest 4 Foundation). You can easily and simply tap to donate $1 to plant a native tree locally with Rainforest Rangers. We will be sharing project updates and news on our Instagram @santosorganics so follow along on there. We encourage those that are able to donate to get involved to help us reforest and restore Big Scrub rainforest in the Northern Rivers! 

About Rainforest Rangers

Rainforest Rangers goal is to plant one million trees by 2025.

They are working to restore the earth's rainforests for $1 a tree. For every $1 donated to the Rainforest Rangers program, they guarantee that a rainforest tree will be established. Their program is fully audited and managed by the Rainforest 4 Foundation, a non-for-profit environmental charity on a mission to protect and restore the earth's rainforests.

Rainforest Ranger's restoration projects are located across Australia and South East Asia. They include the Big Scrub Rainforest in Northern New South Wales, the Atherton Tablelands of Queensland, the Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland, North Sumatra, and Southern India.  

Rainforests in these areas have experienced devastating deforestation and face ongoing threats of land clearing and invasive weed degradation. These areas are biodiversity hotspots offering opportunities for reforestation, regeneration, and local community involvement in the custodianship of rainforests.

They work closely with ecologists, landholders, and the Indigenous people of the land to achieve the best outcomes for these ecosystems. For more, visit