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Palm Oil Q&A with Trudi, Co-Founder of Retreatment Botanics Skin care

Palm Oil Q&A with Trudi, Co-Founder of Retreatment Botanics Skin care

1) Why is the Palm Oil issue so important for the health of people, wildlife and planet?

Unfortunately, palm-oil and palm-oil derivatives are commonly used in most household items including beauty, cleaning products and food. Because this ingredient is in such high demand, massive biodiverse rainforests are cleared to make way for monoculture plantations often referred to as “green deserts”. As a result, it’s rapidly wiping out critically endangered flora and wildlife such as Sumatran Tigers, Orangutans, Elephants, Rhinos, and Leopards. Sadly 80-90% of their primary habitat has been lost in the last 20 years. In addition to the mass destruction of ancient habitat and critically endangered species, Palm oil plantations are a major source of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and a significant contributor to global warming. This issue has a massive impact on the global environment and not only affects our health and wellbeing, but that of future generations to come.

2) Can you tell us a little bit about the process that Retreatment Botanics underwent to remove palm oil from its formulations and what inspired this decision?

At Retreatment Botanics, our brand values are always an integral part of our mission. We are against animal testing, and are cruelty free and vegan. Many argue that at this stage, products that contain palm oil cannot truly be considered cruelty free, and we agree wholeheartedly. We researched and tested palm oil free alternatives for over 2 years. It wasn’t an easy path and I experienced a lot of resistance and unexpected hurdles. I was fortunate to have the help from friends in the environmental movement such as Palm Oil Investigations and the Orangutan Alliance. It was such a challenging journey - I had no idea just how difficult the process would be. But I’m so happy to say we got there! We successfully formulated a premium spa-quality skincare range that delivers amazing results to the skin. It’s highly effective, addresses common skin concerns and gives instant skin radiance.

3) How can consumers avoid palm oil in their shopping/ purchases?

This is the tricky part! Palm-oil derivatives are often hidden in over 200 different ingredient names, making it extremely difficult to ascertain a palm-oil free product. Given the complexity in identifying palm oil in skincare and other types of products, the best thing to do is look for a Palm Oil Free certification. However, when looking at labels there are some obvious clues, such as ingredients that contain the word ‘palm’ ie ‘palmitate’. The issue is some ingredients can either be derived from palm oil or an alternative, and still display the same name - one such example is ‘glycerine’. At this stage, it is extremely rare to find skincare that is 100% certified palm oil free and I believe Retreatment Botanics is the first spa quality, premium range in the world to ever be 100% Palm Oil Free.

4) What are Trudi's top tips for glowing, radiant skin?

I always begin with our Purifying Gel Cleanser (AM + PM) as it contains Kakadu Plum and Papaya Enzymes to brighten and clear away impurities. I then remove with our beautiful organic muslin cloth to gently buff away dead skin for a super smooth finish. Next in my ritual is the much-loved Instant Glow Face Masque. This hydrating nutrient rich masque is amazing for brightening and targeting uneven skin tone. The AHAs and enzymes are effective, yet gently support the skin’s natural barrier function. I use Instant Glow Face Masque 1-2 times a week and also as a spot-treatment when required. I love how hydrated, smooth and luminous my skin is after using this masque - it feels like I’ve just had an in-spa facial every time! To target pigmentation and support collagen, I never miss applying our Kakadu Brightening Serum (AM + PM). I then apply the Restore Serum to plump and visibly minimise fine lines. To revive my eyes when they are feeling a little puffy or tired, I gently press the Firming Eye Contour Cream around the area - I also LOVE using the eye cream around my lip area too! I finish with Ultra Rich Moisturiser (AM + PM) as it seals in deep hydration, antioxidants and vitamins and protects my skin’s natural barrier. This moisturiser always leaves my skin super soft and dewy.

5) What makes Retreatment Botanics special and different from other skin care ranges?

There are so many skincare brands out there, it can be difficult to know which one will truly be worth the investment and make a difference for your skin. As I mentioned above, one of our biggest achievements was creating a skincare range that was certified palm-oil free without compromising the quality - being a spa-quality range, the luxurious texture, feel on the skin and efficacy of the product was non-negotiable. All our formulas utilise a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants naturally found within Australian native botanicals and scientifically balance these in the optimal dose, giving rise to products that heal, protect and restore skin health. Working with leading skin scientists enabled us to create a range of products that deliver transformative results to the skin.

6) Can you tell us a bit about the current Retreatment Botanics promotion being offered in-stores at Santos Organics for Palm Oil Awareness month and why do you love the Retreatment Botanics Instant Glow Face mask?

To celebrate Palm Oil Free month at Santos, we have an exciting promotion in-store! You can receive a FREE Instant Glow Face Masque when you purchase two or more Retreatment Botanics products in-store. This masque is the hero product in all Retreatment Botanics in-spa facials. It instantly transforms the skin and leaves it glowing. The list of ingredients is a powerhouse of nutrients for the skin, featuring Emu Apple, Green Papaya enzymes and Amazonian Buriti Fruit to revive dull, lacklustre skin into a healthy, radiant and visibly luminous complexion.

Special thanks to Trudi Jaye, Co-Founder of Retreatment Botanics. Find a range of the beautiful Retreatment Botanics products HERE.