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Introducing ReturnR

Introducing ReturnR

We are so excited to be introducing a new sustainable stainless steel cup return system called Returnr, to replace single-use cups in all of our cafés - over time, not all at once. This initiative supports our purpose to be a catalyst for a better tomorrow and our vision and mission. This is one step of many we will take to minimise our waste.

The Returnr program is a FREE to BORROW initiative that allows customers to pay a $6 deposit for an insulated stainless steel cup that can be used and returned at our cafés and eventually, other participating cafés.

We will be one of the first in our region to offer this system and we aim to bring other cafés along on the journey - proudly leading the way in waste minimisation.

Did you know that compostable cups are not compostable??!!

Every day 2.7 million single-use coffee cups are sent to landfill - that’s a staggering 1 billion cups a year! Not to mention the 20 million trees that are cut down globally every year to produce these cups! This is an ENORMOUS environmental footprint.

Unfortunately, compostable cups can ONLY go into the red bin, even though they say they are ‘compostable’ or ‘biodegradable’. The thin plastic lining in the cups means they cannot be placed in the green organics bins provided by Byron Shire Council (and they also can’t be recycled!). If composted at home, they add to the microplastic problem in our environment.

We could wait for the packaging industry to come up with a magical cup…or we can do so much better! We can get organised and create a local system that eliminates the need for disposable cups altogether. Santos Organics can lead this revolution by bringing as many of our customers and other cafés on board as possible. Let’s make it happen!

How does Returnr work?

Very simple. Pay the $6 deposit, take your cup, use it as many times as you like, keep it as long as you like, and receive $6 back when you return it - so in the end it’s free to borrow. Pretty cool, huh?

Join us in our movement to avoid single-use cups and lets help mother earth together. You can ask our amazing staff members about our program anytime. Remember to tag @santosorganics on Instagram and share this initiative with your friends.

See you soon!