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Energy Shake

1-2, Gluten free
Energy Shake
This energy shake is very nourishing to the tissues & is absolutely delicious. It is great for giving an energy hit in the afternoons, when the blood sugar gets a little low. It is high in iron and magnesium so is particularly good for building the blood, nervous systems under stress and for growing kids and pregnant/breastfeeding women.


**Organic almonds, dates, figs and sultanas are all available from Santos Organics.**


  1. Soak the almonds, dates, fig and sultanas/raisins in the boiling water for at least 3 hrs. If having in the afternoon, put on to soak in the morning. If having in the mid-morning, put on to soak in the evening.
  2. Once soaked for the appropriate time, take out the almonds and remove their skins then return them to the mixture and blend it with a stick blender for several minutes until it is a smooth consistency. Now, you can either add a little boiling water to make it less thick or you can have as is.
OPTIONAL: To make the drink even more nourishing and delicious, you can add a little warm, unhomogenised biodynamic/organic milk after blending (if added before blending it may curdle). Nadia Marshall is an Ayurvedic Consultant & Cook, Health Writer and Director of the Mudita Institute & Health Clinic in Mullumbimby. The Mudita Institute cookbook, “WARMTH” is available as a FREE download from their website at