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NEW In-stores! SunButter Sunscreen and Zinc

NEW In-stores! SunButter Sunscreen and Zinc

For Palm Oil Awareness month, we are featuring the world's first certified palm oil free sunscreen, with 2 amazing silky smooth and 100% reef safe and palm oil free sunscreen products in reusable tins. SunButter's Sunscreen and Surf Zinc are TGA approved and registered and have now been certified palm oil free by the Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark (POFCAP). 

When we initially carried out our palm oil audit in 2018, we discovered that sunscreens were one of the main culprits as they typically contain many palm derived ingredients. As a result, we removed many of our sunscreens and have only continued to carry two palm oil free sunscreens - Sun & Earth and Wotnot.

In 2019, SunButter sunscreen was certified palm oil free by Orangutan Alliance (OA). However, when one of their suppliers of an ingredient called coco-caprylate/caprate changed, they could no longer be certain that this ingredient wasn't derived from palm oil along the way. With International supply chains of palm oil being very difficult to trace, they were unable to continue with their OA certification. Since then, they have worked closely with OA and POFCAP to ensure that their sunscreen and other skin and hair care products do not contain any palm ingredients. 

SunButter donates 10% of their profits to Living Culture, an indigenous organisation which aims to empower, educate and engage by running a number of programs such as guided walks and meditation sessions, yidaki meditation and healings, school programs and smoking ceremonies. 

SunButter has also partnered with Sea Shepherd to create a unique and co-branded tin - a percentage of profits from this limited edition collaboration goes directly to Sea Shepherd Australia to support their mission to defend, conserve and protect our oceans. 

We are very excited to be stocking these amazing sunscreen products in our stores and online HERE. The Sunscreen retails for $29.95 the Surf Zinc retails for $24.95.