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Hummble Calm Cacao

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harmonise. relax.

enjoy this soothing botanical blend of chamomile, passionflower, reishi and shatavari with bio-available sea mineral magnesium and antioxidant rich Peruvian sourced cacao. it’s a grounded hug to calm you morning, noon or night. each small batch blend is infused with reiki to restore the energetic vibration and balance of the ingredients. no refined sugars.

How to prepare:

serving size: 10g (1 heaped tablespoon)

warm: heat 200ml of milk on stove or in milk frother, add 10g of your chosen hummble, whisk until smooth

cold: add 10g of your chosen hummble with 200ml of milk in a sealed jar or blender with ice, mix until smooth

smoothie: add 10g of your hummble and whisk until smooth.

sip slowly with intention

Ingredients: certified organic ingredients.pure Peruvian cacao (45%), panela, botanical blend (shatavari,chamomile, passion flower), mushroom blend (reishi, tremella), coconut water powder (coconut water, tapioca maltodextrin), sea mineral magnesium, sea salt.