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Wild Dishwashing Powder

Wild Dishwashing Powder

We're always on the lookout for ways we can make our own cleaning products using bulk items, to avoid those pesky plastics and other nasties! Here is a recipe for dishwashing powder that you can make yourself, for use in dishwashing machine.

Recipe makes 1kg of powder.

Ingredients :

  • 350g Borax
  • 350g Washing Soda (make this by heating bicarbonate of soda in an oven tray for 1hr at 200°C)
  • 150g Sea Salt
  • 150g Citric Acid
  • 10 drops Essential Oils (Recommend 5 drops each of Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle)


Wearing a mask, combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Stir until there are no more lumps. Funnel into reused containers. Do not inhale powder.


Use 1 Tbsp per dishwashing load. Store in a dry place and away from children.
We use a slosh of white vinegar instead of rinse aid and this combo works amazingly well!

Recipe provided by Caitlin Weatherstone (B. App.Sc; M. App.Sc) of Life Wild Australia / @lifewildau