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Organic Awareness Month

Organic Awareness Month

Join us at Santos Organics this September to welcome in Spring and celebrate Organic Awareness Month! With all of our organic products meeting the stringent requirements of our Santos Organics Care Check, our customers can rest assured that we are sourcing the best organic produce and products possible.

Santos Organics stocks a wide and abundant range of organic products including personal care, bulk grains, nuts and pulses, teas, coffees, chocolates, crackers, sauces, dry pastas and noodles and everything you need to stock your pantry. 

All of our fruit and vegetables are either certified organic or organic-in-conversion and 100% Australian grown. Sourcing local and organic produce and artisan products is very important to us, with our Ethical Sourcing team prioritising certified organic or certified biodynamic products and ingredients. Where a product is not certified organic, we ensure that it contains a percentage of certified or organically grown ingredients.

Organic Fresh Produce

When making choices for a nutritionally beneficial and healthy lifestyle, we passionately believe that choosing organic and chemical-free foods is the best investment in our health. Organic farming methods and good soil cultivation also promotes a healthier and more sustainable use of Nature’s resources which also makes it a much better choice for the health of our planet. Modern conventional farming practices using excessive amounts of synthetic and artificial fertilisers and chemicals and focussing on planting only one crop multiple times can damage rather than support the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Some concerns we have heard our community express over the years about buying organic food is the higher and ever increasing cost of it. While it’s true that certified organic, biodynamic and other organically farmed food is sometimes more expensive than conventionally grown food, Santos Organics pricing has been steady over the last few years while elsewhere food prices have soared. We also strongly believe in paying farmers fair prices.

Unfortunately, buying “cheaper” and conventional also means it comes at a greater cost to our health and the planet. When purchasing, we encourage consideration of value - whether the ingredients or produce were grown or made locally, the quality of the ingredients, freshness, the size of the bunch, and whether the farming practices have helped restore soil and the environment or depleted it. Buying organic is an investment back into Mother Earth and supporting the hard work of the farmers who put their heart and soul into sustainable farming methods for the good of all.

Another way to eat more organically is to grow at home! At Santos Organics we also have a wide range of organic seeds and seedlings to get you started and our team is always happy to help you choose.

Come and enjoy our special offers during Organic Awareness Month and in-store events at Santos Organics this September!