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Seed Freedom Support & Action - Santos Organics

Seed Freedom Support & Action

Santos Organics supports seed sovereignty and seed diversity for our communities. We celebrate and encourage everyone to take action during Seed Freedom Fortnight.

Supporting Vandana Shiva & Navdanya Organisation

Australian communities will be joining the global action led by Vandana Shiva and the Navdanya organisation this October to highlight the devastating impact multinational seed companies ownership, patenting and genetically mutilating of seeds is having on our global food supply, diversity and food security. The global action takes place from October 2- 16 and you are invited to join in the events and information sharing.

Multinational Seed Companies Pushing Unfair Laws

Multinational seed companies over the past decade have been pushing for unjust laws around the world. This even includes banning farmers from saving seeds for their next crop forcing them to buy new seeds every year. Clearly a greedy and unfair act that totally neglects the cycles of life and the interests of farmers. Sadly with their corporate influence they have successfully influenced certain governments to take these laws on. Fortunately however there is a global movement to cease this corporate greed and return the integrity to the sacred act of growing food and saving seeds to feed your surrounding community. We could start and go on forever about all the repercussions genetically modified seeds and the associated companies are having on our global food supply, but it's best you hear it from the experts. For all the action and information check out