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Santos Organics Commits to Restoring Rainforest and Planting Trees in Byron Bay - Santos Organics

Santos Organics Commits to Restoring Rainforest and Planting Trees in Byron Bay

Not-for-Profit Funds Projects to Bring Back the Big Scrub

Through their grants and donations program, Santos Organics has donated a total of $16,475 to Reforest Now, a local rainforest regeneration initiative to support their local reforestation projects.

Reforest Now’s mission is to restore climate balance by planting trees. They reforest tropical and subtropical rainforest environments in Australia and abroad.

Through Santos’ funding, Reforest Now has been able to set up a new Native Rainforest Nursery in Mullumbimby and grow 23,123 native rainforest trees that will help regenerate Big Scrub subtropical rainforest in the Byron Bay Shire.

The funding from Santos Organics has also assisted Reforest Now with Nursery renovations and the building of its three Nursery sections, so they can produce trees to regenerate local areas.

Zia Flook, Reforest Now’s spokesperson says: “Santos funding helped us together produce 23,123 trees – 3,123 of which are in the ground right now, the others are still growing or about to be planted. The Birdwing vine (the only habitat species for the endangered Birdwing Butterfly) is included in that 23,123 amount and they are going to be planted across the region over the next few years when we ensure the location is best for the butterfly.”

As a Not-for-Profit Environmental organisation, Santos Organics regularly donates to Environmental projects that benefit Earth. 100% of donations to Reforest Now go to reforesting rainforest environments locally in Byron Shire and also in the Daintree.

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Reforest Now Australia: