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Santos Organics Coffee - Santos Organics

Santos Organics Coffee

Santos Organics is very excited to announce our new organic coffee beans and ground coffee. The beans are certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program and will be coming directly from coffee growers in Colombia, Ethiopia and seasonally from Panama and Peru through a domestic specialty coffee company and roaster based within our local radius of 200km in Brisbane with strong social and ethical values that are also in alignment with our procurement principles and ethos. It is important to note that the majority of beans used in Australia for coffee roasting are imported and that certified organic beans have typically received certification u

Under the USDA National Organic Program or other international certification program. Although there is a select amount of Australian grown organic coffee beans, we have been told by various coffee roasters and baristas that they are generally considered inferior. This specialty coffee company partnersdirectly with the growers at origin and sees for themselves how the money is benefitting their communities and being reinvested back into the farms. They look at the latest harvest while tasting, roasting and working with their partners to find new ways to deliver a better crop than the one before.

By visiting each origin every year this amazing coffee company actively participates in the entire supply chain and ensures that the price they pay for the coffee goes to the right place.With better crops, this means that the growers receive higher prices for their coffee, which in turn means greater investment into their communities. This also means that they can see that the coffee is being grown sustainably, with the future in mind and positively impacting the livelihoods of coffee farmers. Fair Trade certification is great at protecting farmers when the commodity price falls below the cost of production as it ensures a minimum price paid for coffee. Because this company is a direct trade specialty coffee company it means that they pay well above the market commodity price for coffee as there is no middle man and they are also highly transparent in their associated costs and the price they pay to producers.

The price paid also generally includes a social project premium whereby an additional 10-30c per kilo of coffee bought goes towards a different project in each origin. You may notice that our new coffee bags have a puffy, pillow-like appearance. This is because we have chosen a 100% biodegradable coffee bag which means that it will completely biodegrade in landfill.

This puffy-ness does not affect the freshness or quality of the coffee - and don’t worry, the bag will not explode! The reason for this appearance is that coffee beans naturally produce carbon dioxide once they have been packed and this then causes the bag to inflate.

To release this air, coffee packaging typically comes with a de-gassing valve however because this valve is not biodegradable, we have chosen to package our coffee without it.The technical information regarding the components of the Santos Organics organic blend of coffee are:

FARM NAME: Kotawa Estate

ORIGIN: Panama

REGION: Boquete, Chiriqui

VARIETAL: Caturra, Typica


ALTITUDE: 1500-1750masl


FARMER: Ricardo Koyner



ORIGIN                           Ethiopia

REGION                          Guji

VARIETAL                      Heirloom

PROCESSING                Washed

ALTITUDE                      1808-2128m


OWNER                           Getachew Zeleke


FARM NAME                 Los Vascos

ORIGIN                           Colombia

REGION                          Bilbao, Tolima

VARIETAL                      Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Bourbon

PROCESSING                 Washed

ALTITUDE                       1650-1950masl

HARVEST PERIOD       Main: May-Aug                                             Fly: Oct-Dec


  FARM NAME                  Cerro Campana

COOPERATIVE              Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples de San Ignacio, Cajamarca (APROCASSI)

ORIGIN                            Peru

REGION                           San Ignacio, Cajamarca

VARIETAL                       Caturra, Typica, , Bourbon

PROCESSING                 Washed

ALTITUDE                       2300m

HARVEST PERIOD       Main: Jan-Sept


To view Santos Organics coffee certifications please click here