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Renewing Community Power, Renewing Ecological Restoration - Santos Organics

Renewing Community Power, Renewing Ecological Restoration

Three years ago a concept was presented to us that we jumped on and have never looked back. We are proudly sponsoring the third Renew Fest right here in the Byron Shire.

Festival of Ecological Restoration

Renew Fest is Australia's festival of ecological restoration that presents an eclectic line-up of thought-provoking, inspiration and powerful presenters discussing everything from food sovereignty, renewable energy, humanity renewal, community development and more. The 3 day festival is a pioneering waste free sustainability festival. Its purpose is to celebrate collaborative action and the power of community to crowd-fund the implementation of innovative sustainability projects, giving rise to positive transitional actions for our sustainable future.

Fundraising for Renewable Energy Run Towns

Being a fundraiser, Renew Fest is the first Australian sustainability festival of its kind, with all proceeds invested in community owned sustainable development projects run by its seed organisation, COREM. Located under the fig trees in Mullumbimby, Renew Fest presents an idyllic format for learning and celebrating the positive actions happening locally and globally. Bringing together a diverse spectrum of intellectuals, creatives, innovators and advocates, Renew Fest is renewing the future. What are you ready to renew?

Key Innovations for 2018

This year will see a natural and powerful evolution in the Renew Fest programming, with three key innovations: 1. Cross-pollinating Minds Recognising that there are no isolated problems, and that each mission is every mission, this year’s program will break down the silos of the sustainability agenda, and deliver sessions with a focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration and trans-paradigm perspective. We’re asking economists to sit down with permaculturists, solar technicians and architects with biodiversity academics and birth-workers, all in a fresh exploration of pattern and system-level thinking. 2. Keep it Grounded, Keep it Real To make sure we don’t drift off into abstract theoretical space, we have asked specific organisations to ‘host’ each session. Their role is not to steer the conversation, or even necessarily share their opinion, but to give the discussion context and to provide a real-world lab in which to test our ideas. 3. A Common-Wealth of Wisdom Recognising the unique depth of wisdom available in the Northern Rivers Region, and standing in solidarity with the idea that as the climate crisis affects everyone, this makes us all experts, we are looking to create a ‘jam culture’ at Renew Fest this year. Key sessions will give everyone the opportunity to get a download from the experts, but then break into smaller workgroups, to jam with those experts on actual solutions. Tickets are on sale now, online at or for local residents a discounted price is available in store. Now is the time, to celebrate, create and get inspired!