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New Product: Wild Organic Wash - Mould Eliminator (with camphor laurel!)

New Product: Wild Organic Wash - Mould Eliminator (with camphor laurel!)

With so much wet and rainy weather mould can spread rapidly in our homes. This month we are introducing and featuring the Mould Eliminator spray locally made in Burringbar by Wild Organic Wash (WOW). This product contains specially extracted Camphor Laurel, which creates an antibacterial base killing 99.999% of bacteria and mould spores.

Melo, who is the creator and producer of the WOW range has found an innovative way of extracting Cinnamomum camphora tree liquid from locally felled Camphor Laurel trees, which are an invasive tree species. The unique manufacturing process harnesses the antibacterial properties of the tree while leaving out any toxicity present in the oil.

The Mould Eliminator has also been enriched with locally grown aloe vera with an alcohol content of 30%, which makes this product a powerful disinfectant spray and surface sanitiser, while also proving to be very effective in the eradication of mould from indoor spaces following the recent wet weather.

Melo and her business space were affected by the recent floods in Burringbar, so Santos Organics would love to support her. This beautiful product retails at our stores and online at $23.95 for a 500ml spray bottle. We will also have bulk and refill options for this product available as well as other products in the WOW range, which include Auto and Marine Wash, General Disinfectant, Glass Cleaner and Take Me Anywhere (Shower in a bottle).

Purchase the 500ml Mould Eliminator via our online store HERE.

We are excited to be able to stock this timely product for you and would love to hear what you think - all feedback is most welcome and helps us to keep our range meet your needs!