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Local, Organic Farmer Spotlight - Bio Organic Farm

Local, Organic Farmer Spotlight - Bio Organic Farm

Meet one of Santos Organics' local and certified organic farmers, The Bio Organic Farm near Murwillumbah, a family run business managed by Oogie and Basil with their two little boys. Follow their farming journey on Instagram @thebioorganicfarm

Apart from being cert. organic, what other alternative methods of farming do you use? ⁠

We have applied some Syntropic principles with an attempt to make it work. We also have adopted some Biodynamic methods and everything else for the love and longevity of our systems. We want to see our future generations able to use the same plot of land knowing it is extremely rich and fertile and not depleted of nutrients. ⁠

Do you have a star crop? What are you currently stocking at Santos Organics?⁠

We are super proud of our tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and capsicums and we stand by that they will not be matched.
All of our crops are completely vine ripened and therefore filled with flavour and nutrient dense. We supply them and other leafy greens to Santos Organics stores on Thursdays.

What is your top health / wellness tip?⁠

Eating seasonal would have to be up there with our recommendations. It is nature’s way to supply what is needed to be consumed at any given time of the year. The recommendation would simply be ~ if you cannot afford to feed your family completely organically, then start with just a single line, like tomatoes, berries, or potatoes. Then, a week or two later try more… Your future self and your family will thank you for it. Not just for health benefits but the flavour is indescribably better too. ⁠

Bio Organics Farm

A big thank you to Oogie and Basil at Bio Organics Farm for nourishing our community with your beautiful produce! Follow @thebioorganicfarm on Instagram for more.