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Local, Organic Farmer Spotlight - John Cutts and his Famous Autumn Pumpkins

Local, Organic Farmer Spotlight - John Cutts and his Famous Autumn Pumpkins

John Cutts has been farming organically for over 25 years and growing his own food for around 60 years. He operates a certified organic farm ‘Johny’s Garden’ in Duranbah, Northern NSW and has a history and reputation of supplying the highest quality, certified organic produce to top restaurants in Brisbane, local and Brisbane markets and now Santos Organics, too. He was amongst the first farmers to lead the Kale trend, growing and supplying the best quality organic kale that quickly became in-demand amongst upmarket restaurants in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are grateful to have Johny as one of our incredible, knowledgeable and dedicated local farmers, nourishing our community with his wonderful produce!

A bit about Johny’s/ Ray’s Famous Pumpkins (in-stores now).

“These were originally found in 1956 growing wild at Upper Brookfield in the D’aguliar ranges by Ray Dejong. He saved the seed every year until he retired from farming and passed them to me in 1996. I almost lost them one year, I forgot to save some and had to ring one of my restaurant customers to collect the seed for me. They look like a ‘Jap’ (short for 'just another pumpkin'), definitely not Japanese pumpkins as some folk have named them. They tend to be more ball-shaped and have a very intense, sweet taste.” - Johny

Johny is currently supplying Santos Organics with limes, Eureka lemons, herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, tarragon and Ray’s famous pumpkins. 

“We may also have a short run of baby new potatoes ‘Duranbah Gold’,  a relation to Sebago with a white flesh but more intense flavour. Not to be missed and should be used as soon as possible after digging to get those taste buds firing.” - Johny