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Are you a Business, Regular Buyer or a Big Family?

Are you a Business, Regular Buyer or a Big Family?

Santos Organics Wholesale is the place to buy bulk food with great B2B prices. We offer a wide range of certified organic products to wholesale customers at competitive prices.

Santos Organics supplies a wide range of retailers, caterers and speciality stores with great value, high quality products. We enjoy strong business relationships with partners big and small. 

When you become a wholesale customer with Santos Organics, you are also investing in the local community and environmental projects. As a 100% Not-for- Profit Social Enterprise, our profits are funneled straight back into the local community into environmental and social initiatives that are making a real, positive difference.

We have unmatched ethical standards - including sustainable and biodegradable packaging, pure ingredients, ethical growing and sourcing and more - all checked carefully and vigorously by our in-house Ethics Specialist.

When you become a wholesale customer with us, you are also joining our vibrant Santos Organics community of inspired changemakers that are passionate about the health of people and planet.

It's easy to shop with Santos Organics, our products are available in a variety of pack sizes, which makes special order requests and service simple and easy. 

Plus, being a small and big-hearted organisation, you get to work with the savvy and amazing Andrew (pictured) who has the best vibe, humour and warmth and we think that seals the deal! 

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