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Environmental Choices Made Easy, The New Way - Santos Organics

Environmental Choices Made Easy, The New Way

Making environmental choices can be overwhelming to say the least. There is a huge amount of information and an equal amount of ‘greenwash’ aimed at influencing our decisions. Clever marketing campaigns are abundant and it makes the choice as to which organisation to support very difficult and often confusing. And really, there are so many great causes to invest in, that actually making a decision becomes overwhelming and in the end, we just don’t do anything at all. I’ve done this many times over. Well, now your decision making is about to become much simpler.

The Simple Environmental Choice

Our food choices can be a powerful tool to support positive social and environmental change. We buy food several times a week and consume it several times a day. So how best to ensure the food we purchase supports our desire to make positive environmental choices? We choose all the right food options, i.e organic, local where possible, free from additives etc. etc. But now we also have the option for our food to become an investment in a clean future.

The Santos Organics Difference

The new way of food retailing is here. It’s the evolution from a community owned cooperative style retailer to a not-for-profit food model. It's already making a big difference in our local Byron community, and inturn will do so throughout Australia too. Our new model is about creating environmental and social change through the food your purchase. Every time you buy food with us you are investing in the environment. It’s that simple. It’s that easy.

Healthy You, Healthy Earth

Now buying high quality organic food improves your health and the environments. Our grants program provides financial support to environmental organisations and has already seen progress take place in our local community with the reduction of plastic bag use, bush regeneration, seed saving, solar power installation at our local community gardens, and also feeding those in need. We have just offered another round of grant funding, this time $30,000 so to find out about the outcomes stay tuned to our Facebook - we love sharing positive news there!

The New Standard

Setting the standard for what a local food system will look like in the future is exciting stuff! This new way automatically (and powerfully!) generates funds to positively impact the health and well-being of the environment and the community. We are excited that we will be able to share our model with interested communities in the future so together we all benefit. But for now, we want to say thank you to you. You, our customers make all of this possible. It’s a powerful position you are in, being able to vote with your spending and direct your investment towards powerful environmental change. Thank you. Paul Crebar Communications & Culture Manager.