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Earth Day: Living and Shopping Consciously

Earth Day: Living and Shopping Consciously

At Santos Organics, we place a high value on providing high quality, low impact organic and natural produce to our customers, every day. One of the reasons is for the health benefits - organic, natural products are simply better for your body. The other significant reason is the important benefits to our planet. Counting water conservation, soil protection and biodiversity management amongst the benefits, small scale organic and biodynamic as well as regenerative, syntropic, and other sustainable farming practices are a vital ingredient in the recipe. What’s more, educating ourselves about and supporting these types of farming are very real ways we can support our local communities in the wake of recent environmental crises. 

Let’s explore why...

What do farming methods have to do with environmental crises?

In the wake of the recent flood emergencies throughout the Northern Rivers and South East QLD, many people are seeking ways to help. Many of us feel helpless in the face of such enormous destruction, and are craving real ways to make a positive difference. 

By supporting local, best practice providers you are taking very real steps toward a more positive, resilient future for your community. Here are a few reasons: 

Shopping local reinforces food security

By shopping with local providers, suppliers and farmers you are increasing demand for their products and services. In doing so, you secure their livelihood and in turn, they are there for you in times of crisis. For example, if the highway gets cut and the big scale supermarkets can’t deliver, having access to local supplies becomes imperative. What’s more, local suppliers are better placed to support those in the midst of a crisis. 

Shopping local reduces food miles

We all know that carbon emissions are bad for our planet. They impact the atmosphere, change environmental conditions, and speed up climate change. By shopping with local producers, you remove the kilometres your food has to travel before it gets to you. Therefore you reduce the amount of carbon emissions associated with your shopping habits. 

Shopping responsibly improves your environmental footprint, which is better for the planet. 

Buying organic and small scale lowers environmental impact

Climate change is not “out there”. What was once something of an abstract concept has landed on our front door. Our local communities are being impacted right now by the effects of climate change. Erratic weather, large-scale environmental events and unpredictable outcomes are affecting us in the form of storms, floods, bushfires and more. 

When you shop for organic, small scale farm products you are lowering your direct impact on the environment by supporting producers who put fewer toxins and chemicals into the environment. Their practices are not only “less harmful” but are effectively regenerative, by supporting ecosystems and soil productivity. 

Speaking of alternative farming practices, let’s look at specifics about why they’re better. 

Why is organic/ biodynamic small scale farming better?

It’s important to us that we source and sell only the products that are best for our planet and our health. All Santos Organics products go through the Santos Organics Care Check. We care deeply about our planet and our community. 

Consider these important reasons, why organic and biodynamic small scale farming might be better: 

  • Protection of waterways - with no chemical runoffs such as pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers, these farming methods minimise pollution in our precious waterways. 
  • Preservation of biodiversity - with a reduction in the environmental pollution of water, air and soil, the natural balance of biodiversity is given the chance to do what it does best to thrive.
  • Water preservation - the use of water is planned carefully via a planting schedule and minimal use of expensive technologies.
  • Topsoil conservation - with practices such as rotation planting, topsoil is preserved, erosion is minimised and the nutrients in the soil are conserved.

In short, these farming methods are better for the planet, better for the environment and better for our communities. 

How to find products that are organic and/ or biodynamic

So what’s the best way to find organic and/ or biodynamic products?

It goes without saying that we suggest you shop at Santos Organics! When you buy from us, you know that whatever you buy has been through the Santos Organics Care Check. We have a team dedicated to researching and screening each and every product we stock. You can shop with the peace of mind that the hard work has been done for you - you’re buying the products that are best for the health of your body and our planet.

If you want specifically organic products, you can look for the Australian Organic Limited ‘bud’ logo. In Australia there is no enforced legal standard for the word ‘organic’ (meaning products with as little as 2% organic ingredients can use the word “organic” on their packaging!) so shopping for the logo is a safer way to do it. You can read more in our article about shopping organic

And of course, every time you shop with us, you know you are supporting the local, social and environmental projects we’re part of! We’re proud to support our local community, during times of crisis and indeed, every day.

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