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Wishing everyone a Happy Earth Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy Earth Day!

With the celebration of Earth Day and cooler weather this month, it’s feeling like the perfect time to slow down, nourish ourselves, care for our families and our beautiful Mother Earth. Recently, there’s certainly been a sense of life moving faster and feeling busy for many in our community so we’d love to take a moment to share a few simple and fun ideas for slowing down and celebrating all things nurturing this month.

Enjoy a Mother Earth approved cuppa and chocolate

As winter approaches, there’s nothing more joyful than enjoying a warm cup of your favourite drink with a yummy treat. There’s something heart warming and nourishing about enjoying your favourite brew and having a quiet moment to yourself. At Santos Organics, we have a wide range of organic herbal teas, coffees, chais, matés, ceremonial and adaptogenic cacaos and other delicious concoctions and elixirs on offer. Some local brands we love include the new Hummble Chai Spiced Chocolate, Social Alchemy Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate, Superfeast elixirs and Naturally Driven Majik Mate.

And if you’re out and about having a cuppa, please remember to bring your own cup to avoid single use cups (that end up in landfill) and care for Mother Earth at the same time. We have a wide selection of Keep Cups at our Stores too and many teas in bulk so you can cut down on packaging as well as reducing your footprint on the planet!


Another fun and nourishing way to take a moment with a warm cuppa is to keep a Gratitude Diary or just simply reflect on and write down 3 things that you are thankful for each day. This simple practice takes hardly any time or effort yet its impact can be profound and incredibly rewarding. There is extensive research which shows that keeping a gratitude journal can increase an individual’s happiness and satisfaction with life, improve mood, sleep and immunity as well as significantly reduce depression, anxiety and chronic pain. All you need is a pen and notebook! For many years we have stocked The Gratitude Diary by Melanie Spears who claims that five minutes a day can change your life! She says “practising the art of Journaling with the intention of noticing what is good and for what we are thankful for creates a sacred space and loving reflection of your soul”. In the Diary, each new moon brings the gift of intention with an Astrological overview, along with a writing piece and companion worksheet to activate the writer in you!  

The Magic of Joy

Lastly, a little idea that we love to share is to spend a little bit of time each day doing something that you LOVE and that brings you JOY! Research shows that there are many health benefits of engaging in activities or interests that you love and enjoy - even if it’s just going for a walk in nature, connecting with Mother Earth in some way, taking a bath, reading a book, spending time with loved ones or simply having a cup of tea! 

We hope that this has given inspiration for creating more pause for presence and nourishment in our busy everyday lives and wish you all a peaceful, fulfilling and bountiful autumn!