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The What, Why and How of Detoxing

The What, Why and How of Detoxing

It’s Spring, and for many of us that means clearing out the cobwebs and stepping into warm new days. It’s also a great time to think about how we can clear away unnecessary toxins - starting with a physical detox.

What does ‘detox’ mean?

With Spring in the air, is a great time to detox. We often think of spring cleaning our homes - how wonderful is it to declutter, organise, clean things that haven’t been tended to in a while, and generally feel ‘fresher’ at home?

Well that sense of order, calm, and freshness can be applied to our bodies. To ‘detox’ our bodies means to cleanse away toxins in order to boost our immune systems and keep organs in great condition. It can also improve our energy and help ease aches and pains.

Why should I detox?

In reality, our bodies are detoxifying constantly. It’s what our liver, kidney, lymphatic system, lungs (and more) do! They work hard every day to remove toxins like pollutants, chemicals and pesticides to keep us healthy. Sometimes they could do with a little help.

You can give your system a boost with an intentional detox anytime - but Spring is a great motivator!

Is there a ‘right way’ to detox?

In short, there’s no ‘one right way’ to detox. Every body is different, and what’s right for one body may not be best for another. That’s why it’s always a good idea to seek out some support about what’s best for you. Our naturopaths offer free consultations in our Byron Bay and Mullumbimby shops. Drop in and speak to one of them about your needs.

Having said this, there are some simple, easy things we can all do to give our body’s natural detox processes some support.

Some toxins are eliminated from our bodies via sweat, urine or bowel movements. So it goes without saying that drinking plenty of filtered water is a great way to help these natural processes along!

Our blood and circulation also play an important role, so getting plenty of exercise as well as restful sleep are also great ways to improve your health.

In terms of additional things you can do, consider one of the following for a week or two:

Or for a plan suited to you, chat with one of our naturopaths.

Spring can be a great time to detox different areas of life, including our bodies. While we’re always detoxing (it’s what our body does, without interference from us) from time to time we can give it a little help with a gentle detox boost. This October, drop into one of our stores and see a naturopath for a free consultation and find out what detoxing could do for you.

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