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New Year Healthy Habits from our Naturopath Jana

New Year Healthy Habits from our Naturopath Jana

The year 2022 is here with its new challenges and opportunities. It’s the time to make commitments and self-promise to upgrade to the better version of ourselves and better version of ourselves with relationship with our Mother Earth.

Following a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards self-love and self-care. Eating local, organic and seasonal produce is the second step towards loving our Mother Earth and ourselves. These are the steps to a better immune system and alignment with natural world. In this busy modern world, professionals often forget the importance of a healthy lifestyle while juggling between professional life and family life.

The new year comes with a new ray of hope for us and our Planet. However, commitment and execution are the key to success. Small changes are better than none. Here are the Top 5 new year resolutions for a healthy lifestyle in 2022 that every professional human should try commit to where possible.


Mental health is as important as our physical health. However, it is overlooked in most cases. Mental misalignments such as stress, anxiety and depression have become the new normal amongst working professionals these days.

Practicing mindfulness or concentration on a regular basis can have a lot of positive effects on your overall mental health. Commit to practicing concentration/mindfulness daily in the morning from the first day of the year 2022 onwards for a healthy and mentally stable year ahead. Just sit back and relax in a silent atmosphere in the morning with your eyes closed and focus on yourself. Focus on each movement inside your body, let it be a heartbeat or the air flowing through your windpipe while you are breathing.

Healthy Diet

As the saying goes, ‘we become what we eat’- diet can have a significant effect on our overall health and the choices of food we make can affect our planet. Following a healthy diet is indeed necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food provides adequate nutrition to the body and helps it protect against many diseases.

An unbalanced or unhealthy diet can lead to a physiological imbalance in the body which can turn into a chronic lifestyle disorder over time. Therefore, eating a balanced wholesome diet is vital to protect the body against health ailments. What’s more; if we choose local and organic produce and support small, mindful businesses, we support not just our body with good nutrition but also a economy which is good for protecting and not depleting our only Mother called Earth.

Make a habit of eating Sattvic and healthy food for a healthy year ahead in 2022. Promise yourself to stay hydrated 24 hours a day for uninterrupted metabolism. I’m also sharing a recipe for immune supporting soup, to give you a healthy kick start into 2022.

Digital Wellbeing

Are you spending hours and hours of time while scrolling on social media or a lot of time on your smartphone? Are you checking your smartphone frequently? Are you jealous of the people posting pictures on social media? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s time to change.

There is a world outside that 6-inch screen that actually matters. Analyse your smartphone usage pattern and try to cut it down to 1-2 hours a day only.

Try switching off all the notifications on your phone for a week or so, until you can control your urges to check the smartphone. Give yourself a dopamine detox by keeping a safe distance from the digital world.

In the new year 2022, promise yourself to adapt to a digitally healthy life. Make sure to spend your precious time on healthy activities rather than scrolling endlessly on social media.


Gratitude is the key to inner peace and happiness. We often forget to be grateful for what we have while worrying about what we don’t have or have lost. This year, promise yourself to build a habit of gratitude.

I often find people complaining about various negative aspects of their lives rather than being grateful for what they have. Such people often end up with depression and anxiety.

Feel grateful for the people that you have in your life. Show the feeling of gratitude to your loved ones to deepen your bond. Appreciate yourself for your achievements with the feeling of gratefulness.


Spirituality is one of the inseparable parts of the discussion when we are talking about wellness. However, it is often overlooked by most speakers.

It is all about self-realization or awakening self-consciousness. It is assessing your health beyond the physical and mental levels. Harmony between physical, mental and social health can only be achieved with a healthy spiritual aspect.

Spirituality helps in building various principles and providing a meaningful life purpose. This year don’t forget to spend a part of your day working on developing spiritual aspects of yourself for a healthy lifestyle. It can be as easy as starting a day with yoga or meditation practice in nature.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2022! If you would like Naturopathic support in your health and wellness journey, you can visit me for a personalised consult in the Mullumbimby Santos Organics store Monday-Wednesday or we have other amazing Naturopaths working in the Mullumbimby and Byron Bay town stores Monday-Saturday too. We look forward to seeing you in-stores and supporting you!