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Organic Cumin Ground


Organic Cumin Seeds have been found in the pyramids of the Pharaohs and was used in mummifying their kings before they started using cinnamon and cloves. In Roman times, cumin was a symbol of greed. England has been using it since the 13th century and eventually spread to the Americas by the Spanish. It is now second to black pepper as the most popular spice in the world. It comes from the same family as parsley, fennel and caraway family. Cumin seeds are valued because of their distinctive aroma. It is used in many dishes as it draws out their natural sweetness. It is traditionally added to chilli and curries and used in dukkah, harissa, mexican chilli powder and chermoula. Adding ground cumin when frying onions and garlic give a unique and satisfying taste to the dish.

Certified Organic: ACO

Country of Origin: India