Organic Lentils Canadian Puy

Organic Lentils Canadian Puy

Certified Organic ACO

Country of Origin Canada


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Organic Canadian Puy Lentils are delicious and convenient in salads, lentil patties & soups.  This gourmet lentil is renowned for both its nutritional and culinary qualities. They are much smaller than other lentils such as Whole Red Lentils or Green Lentils, they have a dark colouring of black with mottled green.  Preparation: It is not necessary to pre-soak them before cooking. However some people still choose to pre-soak before cooking to remove any remaining Saponin, a naturally occurring coating on seeds and pulses.

They are also high in iron (non-heme) and contain magnesium to aid in Calcium absorption and healthy nerve function. Remember that combining lentils with a grain like Rice or Amaranth gives you a complete protein mix. It’s helpful to remember that sprouted lentils contain extra nutrients and are easier to digest due to their rich enzyme content. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, lentils have a neutral thermal nature and are beneficial to the heart, circulation, stimulate adrenal function and increases vitality of the kidneys.

We recommend storing  in an air tight container in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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