Organic Buckwheat Flour

Organic Buckwheat Flour is produced by milling the whole organic buckwheat grain and sieving off only the inedible outer husk, leaving only the nutrient-rich fibrous layer covering the kernel.


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Commonly used for pancakes, crepes, blinis and biscuits and pasta products. For yeast-raised bread it must be mixed with other gluten-rich flours and can be used with other gluten free flours in baked goods to give extra nutrition and flavour. Buckwheat flour is also used to make Japanese soba noodles. The most appealing quality of buckwheat is its high nutritional value. Buckwheat is an all-natural source for the majority of the nutrients that we require daily. It is the best known source of high quality, easily digestible protein in the entire plant kingdom… it even has more protein than soybeans. NOTE: Must be kept refrigerated or frozen to retain freshness. Gluten free. Certified Organic: ACO Country of Origin: China

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