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Trading Terms

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Although we do everything we can, due to the nature of our organisation and the range of products we sell we cannot guarantee that our products have not come into contact with, or contain traces of other products that are, or contain allergens such as nuts, gluten, soy, dairy, egg, bee products etc. Insect infestation and mould Oh no! Insects might have just enjoyed a free ride to your house? If so please notify us within 48 hours of receiving your products. Santos Organics cannot accept responsibility for an insect infestation if we are not notified within 48hrs of receipt.Food grown & stored without herbicide or pesticide additives are naturally more prone to insects also enjoying the deliciousness. Sneaky little critters! For example, some moth eggs may find their way into the food during the process from pasture to table. As we keep foods susceptible to weevils, moths, etc in our cool room this prevents any issues like this arising. But despite the best cleanliness standards at our warehouse, insects may hatch in transit to you - enjoying a free ride to your place. The transport companies used are not refrigerated and goods could sit in depots over nights or weekends waiting for next stage of delivery. This could also lead to problems with mould especially in hot and damp conditions. We recommend you seriously consider what you are ordering if delivery time is more than 2-3 days from dispatch.We recommend that all grains, cereals, flours, pulses, etc are kept very cool and dry, for best protection refrigerated, especially Organic produce. If any infestation of insects occurs, ascertain what it is, and then freeze the produce for at least 3 days. Please do not hesitate to call us with any queries about what type of insect it may be. If the infestation is extreme, and beyond repair, we will be happy to send out a replacement or refund you if you contact us within 48 hours of receipt.


Each state and territory within Australia has its own quarantine laws and lists of permissible plant/food items that can be sent across state boundaries. The onus is on you, the customer, to know and understand these laws and only order what you know can be safely imported from one state into yours. Customers from Western Australia in particular should familiarise themselves with these laws and permitted plant lists. Quarantine inspectors can and will open boxes that are of concern and will confiscate items that aren’t permissible. Goods damaged or confiscated by Quarantine or freight companies inspecting in the presence of quarantine inspectors are not the responsibility of Santos.

Lost or Damaged in Transit

From time to time articles go missing or get damaged in transit – it is rare but it does happen. Nothing will leave Santos in a damaged condition as the freight companies would not accept them. Once goods have left here they are the responsibility of the freight company, not Santos, but it is worth making enquiries about possible insurance cover if you are placing a large order as freight companies do have varying clauses etc within their policies. For example an article could go missing and turn up a week later but have sat around a warehouse causing goods to be heat damaged. The item is delivered in an unsatisfactory condition but who’s responsible? Santos staff will be happy to assist, wherever possible, in the tracking and resolving of these issues but we are not responsible or liable for errors incurred by freight companies.

Terms and Conditions

1. Santos Trading Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for goods ordered and received that conflict with your dietary requirements eg gluten intolerance. We have clearly displayed in “Disclaimers – Allergies” what our risks of cross contamination are. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the goods are suitable for their intended use. We reserve the right not to accept back goods that have been purchased in error. 2. Customers must check all goods received upon receipt and before signing for it. If this is not possible, then within 48hrs of receipt. If you are unhappy with the quality or freshness, or if there is an insect attack, you must contact us within that 48hrs to discuss the possibility of refund or replacement. Santos Trading Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse to refund or replace goods that aren’t notified to us as unsatisfactory in the 48hrs from receipt. 3. Customers are responsible for knowing and understanding the quarantine laws that apply to your state (eg QLD, WA etc). Santos Trading Pty Ltd is not liable for goods ordered and dispatched that are then confiscated or damaged through quarantine inspections. 4. Santos Trading Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for stock damaged or lost in transit. Santos Trading Pty Ltd staff will assist you in tracking your goods where possible but final responsibility lies with the freight companies.