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Turmeric Liquid Extract 200ml - Three Springs Farms

SKU SU70666

Complete 3 Turmeric Liquid Extract

Turmeric from paddock to bottle - Natural support for the immune system, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cell protector and tonic for health and wellbeing.

  • Size: 200 ML


  • Potent Anti–Inflammatory - Turmeric is used in traditional Western herbal medicine and Chinese medicine to help relieve joint pain, inflammation, mild gastrointestinal disorders and act as a digestive bitter and liver protectant.
  • Immune Support, Tonic and Remedy - Turmeric fortifies the immune system and has a long history of use in Traditional Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal medicine systems as a tonic to maintain good health and wellbeing.
  • Antioxidant and Cell Protector - Research and usage in traditional medicine systems have shown that turmeric may enhance the body’s overall antioxidant potential, exert direct free radical scavenging and decrease damage to body cells.

Source: Three Springs Farm website
Photo: Three Springs Farm website