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Lawsuits against Chemical Agriculture Product Producers Begin - Santos Organics

Lawsuits against Chemical Agriculture Product Producers Begin

Reuters reports that law firms throughout the U.S are gathering numerous plaintiffs who are alleging exposure to Monsanto's weedkiller Roundup has caused them cancer.

Farm Workers Make Cancer Claims About Glysophate

Farm workers from several states who have cancers of some sort, some of a similar nature, have started lawsuits claiming glysophate a key ingredient in Roundup has caused them cancer. They further claim that Monsanto "falsified data" and "led a prolonged campaign of misinformation" to confuse the public. The attorneys are citing strong evidence that links glyphosate to non-Hodgkin lymphoma and said they will likely collaborate as mass tort actions against Monsanto. "We can prove that Monsanto knew about the dangers of glyphosate," said Michael McDivitt, whose Colorado-based law firm is putting together cases for 50 individuals. "There are a lot of studies showing glyphosate causes these cancers." Roundup is used by farmers, homeowners and others around the globe and brought Monsanto $4.8 billion in revenue in its fiscal 2015. But questions about Roundup's safety have dogged the company for years.

People Waking Up

As people wake up to the fact that chemical agriculture is clearly not safe the good news is Monsanto is facing slumping earnings and has recently announced it will eliminate 12 percent of its workforce. Not good for workers but great for the health of people and the planet. The good thing is our Certified Organic products do not come with any worry about whether glysophate was used. It is a banned product in organic farming therefore your body and the farmer who produces the food are safe from these harmful chemicals. Regular and consistent reviews of farm practices ensure your food is produced exactly the way nature intended. We wonder what chemical agriculture product will be next on the carcinogenic list.

Keep it safe and buy organic.

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