Laundry Liquid Ecostore Eucalyptus 1lt

Ecostore Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid. Formulated from the latest generation plant-based ingredients, our ultra concentrated laundry liquid cleans effectively and economically.


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Being free of things like optical brighteners and synthetic fragrances means it is kinder to your skin and is ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Use a Little, Save a Lot: Our Laundry Liquid is safely super concentrated to give you many washes per pack: 1L = 28 washes. Environment: Our Laundry Liquid is safer for the environment. With proper greywater systems in place, the water from your machine or hand-wash can safely be re-used on your flower gardens, lawns, and trees.

Septic Tank Safe. Manufacturing: Our Laundry Liquid is made in NZ to the strictest environmental standards in our ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certified factory. We give priority to plant and mineral based ingredients that are from natural and or renewable resources, are biodegradable and have the lowest hazard rating in terms of health and environmental safety.

Contains No Nasty: Ethanolamine, Synthetic Perfumes, Optical Brighteners, Phosphates.
Base Ingredients: Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Coco Sulphate, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Sodium Carbonate, Ethyl Alcohol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Polyaspartate, Sodium Oleate, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate.
Fragrance Ingredients: Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Polybractea) Ecostore

Weight 1.5000 kg