Every time you make a purchase with us you are supporting the funding of social & environmental projects through grants and donations.

Here at Santos Organics we are dedicated to enhancing the natural environment, not just by servicing our community with sustainable and healthy food but by also investing our profits in projects and organisations empowering people and communities to live in a healthy sustainable way.

We absolutely love organisations regenerating damaged land, defending environmental degradation or finding innovative solutions to detrimental pollution or industry. We must say we are excited about the times ahead!

Below you will find details about the grants upcoming, current and of the past right here.

Thank you for shopping with us – you make all these investments possible!

Upcoming Grants

Our next grant round opens . . .

Funded Projects

$30,000 awarded to local environmental projects – September 2017

Santos Organics are proud to announce the following projects have received funding made possible by our customers purchases.

Mullumbimby Community Gardens – Kitchen Upgrade $13,096
Byron Hinterland Seed Savers – Perennial Food Hub & Seed Registry $5,000
Mullumbimbees – Amateur Bee-Keeping Resource Centre – $2,900
Federal Childrens Community Centre – Food Forest Rehabilitation and Expansion w/ Training Programs – $9,000

Thank you to all our customer who make these donations possible. Together we are building healthy futures for our future generations.

$40,000 awarded to enhance the environment and the well-being of our community – May 2017

Six community projects were awarded a total of $40,000 from the Santos Organics Staff Charity Fund this year. Fully funded projects include the Byron Hinterland Seed Savers temperature-controlled seed bank, the Byron Youth Theatre’s performances, workshops and community evenings promoting healthy eating and living, and the Mullumbimby and District Neighbourhood Centre’s work supporting our community. Partially funded projects include the Madhima Gulgan Australian Rainforest Foundation’s project employing local indigenous staff to undertake bush regeneration in the Byron Hinterland, Future Feeders’ development of an urban farm model with training capacity for young farmers, and Plastic Free Byron’s Boomerang Bags project, to supply accommodation providers in the Byron Shire with reusable bags for their guests. Read more

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