Santos Organics Procurement Policy

At Santos Organics we do the research so you don’t have to.

We know that each and every decision has an impact on the web of life in which we are all a part of. It’s been 45 years of pioneering a new way to be a diligent, forward thinking and responsible in our business decisions and we are proudly a name that thousands of Australians continue to trust.

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So about our purchasing:

  • We are an ovo-lacto vegetarian store. We stock certified organic, F.E.E.D. Certified and/or biodynamic egg and dairy products. One exception is ethically derived fish oils, which may be stocked for practitioner distribution due to the limited availability of viable alternatives.
  • We only stock Australian grown organically certified fresh produce. The only exception is seasonal NZ imports of blueberries & kiwifruit, and Asian coconuts, as an organic Australian option is unavailable. Sourced coconuts will not be irradiated, fumigated and ideally will be organic.
  • Local, bio-dynamic and / or organically grown or F.E.E.D. Certified fresh produce may also be accepted where certified organic is not available.
  • We prioritise local food and products and minimise our imported product selection so that food miles are kept as low as possible.
  • We do not support any genetic or technical intervention in food. We do not sell any products containing genetically modified ingredients, derivations or materials.
  • We do not irradiate food or buy food containing irradiated ingredients.
  • We choose products with minimal packaging, with a preference for food wrapped in biodegradable or compostable packaging, rather than snack or convenience size products.
  • We only use compostable and biodegradable delivery boxes, tape, and box filler for our online shop delivery box packaging.
  • We do not stock any products containing toxic additives or ingredients such as synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives or products made from or containing refined sugars, flours or other processed ingredients which may be considered harmful to health.
  • Any non-edible items, must be made from or packaged in recycled or natural material and preferably  biodegradable. They must not be harmful to the environment.
  • All cleaning products stocked by Santos will be readily biodegradable (in accordance with Australian Standard AS4351).
  • We do not stock any cosmetics or other personal care products that have been tested on animals.
  • We do not stock any products containing unsustainable or untraceable palm oil and/or palm oil derivatives.
  • We do not stock any products owned by multi or trans-national corporations, unless their ethical accountability has been certified by a third party (ie. certified Fair Trade).
  • We do not stock chocolate or coffee that does not display a Fair Trade logo unless it is Certified Organic or is Australian grown or has been deemed to be from fair trade by another third party certifier.

Santos Organics Sustainability Policy

At Santos Organics we are always spiralling upwards – towards more sustainable and harmonious ways of operating.

So what do we do?

  • We lead and influence by example by implementing sustainability actions for other organisations to follow
  • Demonstrate good governance by incorporating sustainability principles into all of Santos Organics activities and decision making processes
  • Continue to identify and implement alternative business practises to minimise Santos Organics environmental and carbon footprint.
  • Creating and promoting an environmentally sustainable and responsible culture across the organisation and beyond by leading by example.
  • Engage with suppliers to improve the sustainability performance of our supply chain
  • Enhance the communities within which we operate by acting sustainably
  • Pursuing continual improvement in corporate responsibility and sustainability management and performance
  • Achieving objectives and implementing actions identified across the following sustainability priority areas, energy, waste, water, product choices, office and administration

 If you have a product enquiry please fill out this form – PRODUCT ENQUIRY FORM

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