We’ve been rebels against plastic pollution for 40 years now. First things first: our stores have been plastic shopping bag free since forever! But we do some other pretty cool stuff, too.

Our bulk foods delivery service in the 70’s used good old sacks and a very large scoop to provide local homes with bulk wholefoods, 100% plastic free from the start. Since then our bulk service hasn’t changed all that much, except it’s no longer out the back of a ute! In-store we use very nifty chutes to fill jars or paper bags, and throughout Australia our online delivery is still committed to being as plastic-free as possible.

Our dry goods come in plant-based cellophane and paper. When you receive them it’s best to pop them in a jar to keep them ultra fresh, keep the metal tie to reuse for crafty activities and toss the packaging into your green bin (hopefully your council has a commercial composting facility – if not, write to them and encourage it to happen!). We’ve struggled more to not use plastic with some of our liquids, but are always seeking new ways to reduce our plastic use, so bear with us as we keep trying.

We feel so passionate about reducing plastic in the Byron Shire that we launched Plastic Free Byron to tackle this issue directly!

Plastic Free Byron

Our Waste

Food scraps! Yes we’ve got them, but our worm friends are very happy here in the Byron Shire. Almost 100% of our food scraps (worms simply don’t do citrus) are composted using on-site systems and local farmers’ tough muscles, and of course their worm and awesome microorganism companions.

We feel great knowing our food scraps are turned back into the nutritious and delicious fruit and vegetables that nourish our community every single day.

We are currently researching the viability of a biodigester which may just see us cooking off the gas produced from our food scraps. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to keep updated on all the ways we make a difference to this beautiful earth.

In-store we like to be plastic-free superheroes here in the Byron Shire. We’ve been supporting and working with a local artist to turn our plastic waste (the stuff we receive from suppliers) into super neat shopping bags. They are powerful statements about our society’s opportunities to better use our ‘resources’ and our customers love the concept!  We’ll be selling some of these online soon, so stay tuned. As for the rest of our soft plastic, in 2015 we pioneered a new system in the Byron Shire and over 90% of our plastic waste is now recycled, though unfortunately cling film, which covers many pallets we receive, remains problematic for any recycling process. We are speaking with suppliers but, well, some aren’t really listening to us all that much – but we continue to push for better solutions.

You could say we are winning… and yes, we totally agree. Although at present our soft plastic does go overseas to be recycled we are always on the hunt for more local solutions – know of any? Get in touch with us if so, we’d love to hear from you and we’d love to collaborate on some exciting  projects!

For Your Home

Once upon a time…..actually not so long ago at all, zero-waste homes were everywhere! If you are reading this right now, then your grandmother probably once knew what it was like to have a zero-waste home.

Basically, it was what everyone did. Before the 1970s there were no consumer plastics to dispose of. Milk was delivered in a glass bottle, bread was baked fresh and placed in paper, and yes, bulk food was the only way to shop…. and thankfully we’ve held on to some of these wonderful traditions at Santos!

As we’ve advanced into the 21st century, we’ve also updated our offerings to provide some new and exciting options, too, like earth-friendly dish soap and scrubbers, compost bin liners, and a range of reusable drink and storage containers. Because we put the environment first, shopping with us makes a zero-waste home (mostly!) possible.

You’ll have to reuse things of course, but when it comes to scrubbing your dishes, storing your food and transporting your purchases from us to you, we are dedicated to the top-notch reusable and biodegradable options now available.

We’ve got your zero-waste lifestyle covered and we’ve got your love of earth covered too. So click on through and check out our Sustainable Home section online.