Easy Mulberry Balls – From Katie for our “Win 1kg of Dried Organic Mulberries” comp (sign up for our  newsletter if you want to stay informed about our comps, recipes and specials)

To food processor or  thermomix

Add 1/2 cup dried Mulberries
Add 1 cup dates, (medjool dates are great but any dates from Santos organics will work.)
2 tablespoons raw cocoa
2 tablespoons rolled oats
4 Brazil nuts (optional)

Process until combined. Then roll into golf ball sized energy bites!!

Other options:
If you have them and would like, you could add maca powder, turmeric and/or matcha for extra antioxidant benefits.  Protein powder can be added for extra protein.

Great for on the go breakfast, handbag snacks, or 4pm pick me up.  I carry two with me everywhere to fight of any hunger pangs!!!