Organic Turmeric 3% Curcumin

Organic Turmeric is a plant of the ginger Zingerberaceae family.

Certified Organic:  ACO

Country of Origin:  India


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Tumeric has not ever been grown in a truly wild state, that is to say that turmeric has evolved from wild Curcuma (indigenous to southern Asia) through a process of continual selection and cultivation by propagation of the fingers, as opposed to be propagated by birds, varying climates etc. Tumeric was listed as a Assyrian herb in 600BC and had reached China by the 7th century AD. Tumeric was known in Madagascar in the 8th century and by the 13th century was being used as a dye in west Africa. Medicinally, Tumeric is well used by Ayurvedic practice as a mild digestive and is an antiseptic when used as an ointment. In western herbal medicine, turmeric is used to help promote liver function, is an anti-inflammatory and a great anti-oxidant. Average Curcumin Level 3%. Turmeric is commonly used in curries, for dyeing and to impart colour to mustard condiments. Turmeric is also used for the colouring of rice to give it a golden colour. Certified Organic: ACO

Country of Origin: India

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