Organic Tea Tree Oil

Organic Tea Tree Oil



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Organic Tea Tree Oil.  Results of various scientific studies have shown that Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) a universal antibacterial substance is generally twelve times stronger than petroleum (phenol) or similar synthetic based products. One of the primary problems with today’s antibiotics is the increasing resistance that infectious bacteria have developed, rendering them useless and a danger to mankind. Tea Tree Oil’s complexity, with over a 100 identified natural compounds make it basically impossible for bacteria to build a resistance to.

Original ‘Bush’ Tea Tree Oil processed by long term distillation was clearly identified as the most complicated ‘essential oil’ in the world, 100% pure and containing hundred of components, most of which have never been identified and named.

Now, international standards set by the authorities only include 15 components, choosing to ignore minor trace compounds that either don’t exist or left out due to poor or short term distillation. In our view, if an essential oil is claimed to be ‘100% pure’ it should contain all components in the oil and should not contain components extracted from foreign vegetation or other contamination.

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