Pureharvest Organic Soy Milk Malt Free

Pureharvest Natureês Organic Soy Malt-Free is made without cane sugar, maltodextrin or malt.


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Nature?s Soy Unsweetened?Soy Milk Malt Free is a delicious unsweetened soy milk made with whole organic soy beans and no added sugars.

At Pureharvest they pride themselves on using simple, organic, whole ingredients. Nature?s Soy Unsweetened is made with organic whole soy beans, organic high oleic sunflower oil, filtered water, sea salt and nothing else.

Because they derive the goodness of our soy milk from whole natural ingredients they only use whole organic soy beans. They never use processed protein isolates or powders.

Certified Organic: ACO / Product of Australia

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