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Organic Goji Berries

Organic Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum) Not all goji is created equal……..We sell “Absolute Red” Goji berries from the home of the goji berry, the NingXia Valley in China. The Goji berries are 100% pure – not watered down…authentic.

Certified Organic ACO

Country of Origin China


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Organic Goji Berries are the fruit that grow on a bush that develops like a vine when growing in the shade. At the very largest, the goji berry bush will grow 6 feet tall and have a radius of around 3 feet. There are an estimate of around 85 species of goji berry in Asia and 15 species in North and Central America. The goji berries can vary in colour from pale yellow to firey orange and deep red. The Asian species have been grown for approximately 5000 years. The goji berries from the NingXia valley are known to be of superior quality because the people of this region live longer (centenarians) and age more gracefully. The Chinese hold a strong belief that this fruit can significantly extend life.

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