Organic Fennel Seed Powder

Organic Fennel Seed Powder is indigenous to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean and was introduced by the Romans to Northern Europe 900 years ago.


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Fennel was mentioned in a record of Spanish agriculture 961AD and still grows wild in many places of Southern Spain and any temperate climate in the world to this day. It is interesting to note however that fennel has been known as a condiment in Chinese, Indian and Egyptian cooking for centuries and was a symbol of of success in ancient Greece. Fennel seeds feature prominently in Mediterranean cuisine in salads, pastas and vegetable dishes. They are a common ingredient in Italian sausages and in northern European rye breads. They have a sweet, yet very aromatic flavour and scent. Medicinally, fennel seeds are fantastic to help reduce flatulence, aid digestion, increase appetite, reduce cramping of the digestive tract and can assist in reducing the severity of a cough and aid breastfeeding mothers in producing milk flow. Certified Organic: ACO Country of Origin: India

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