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Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate Almond

Alter Eco Deep Dark Salted Almond Chocolate is 100% natural and does not contain artificial flavors or sweeteners.


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The small-scale farmers of the El Ceibo cooperative cultivate cocoa crops using traditional farming techniques that produce the firest organic cocoa. The very best cocoa beans are selected and combined with organic unrefined cane sugar to make this deliciously rich bittersweet dark chocolate.

For this pure chocolate indulgence, Alter Eco has added generous chunks of roasted almonds. El Ceibo Cooperative Bolivia. By choosing this Fair Trade product, you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship.

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans*, (cacao origin Ecuador) organic raw cane sugar**, salted almonds 12% (organic almonds, sea salt (fleur de sel)), organic cocoa butter*, * traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards,? total 88% May contain traces of milk, hazelnuts, and peanuts

Certified Organic: USDA

Made in Switzerland

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