Organic Black Mustard Seed

Organic Black Mustard Seeds from the same family as the broccoli, cabbage, radish and cauliflower, the Brassicaceae family.


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It’s interesting to know that the typical hot , pungent taste that comes from mustard only occurs when it comes into contact with liquids, hence why it has little to no aroma when they are whole or crushed. Black mustard seeds have a sharp, tangy flavour when sprouted. They are great to use when pickling vegetables. It is common in Southern India to fry mustard seeds, curry leaves and cummin seeds in oil and then add these spices onto your dish! Never add mustard seeds directly to vinegar or hot water as it will turn bitter, always add cold water first. It is important to keep mustard seeds dry and preferably in a cool dry place. NOTE: If seeds have been imported they will not sprout as they have been steamed due to quarantine regulations, however if they are Australian then you can get sprouting! Certified Organic: ACO Country of Origin: India

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250g, 1kg