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Vallentine’s Honey superpowers are backed by science.

We are the first in the world to offer guaranteed consistency of potency. From the beekeepers straight to the bottle, the next benchmark of superior quality 100% pure honey has been set.
he antimicrobial activity of Vallentine’s Honey has been measured using the benchmark antimicrobial tests, the NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity) and TA (Total Activity). Both of these tests are phenol comparison tests. Vallentine’s Honey scored a consistent 32.8 NPA and 32.8 TA over multiple batch samples.

As well as a strong hydrogen peroxide activity, Vallentine’s Honey has additional antimicrobial components from specific plant sources, giving it an exceptionally high level of plant-derived antibacterial activity.
There are many reports in medical literature of honey being highly effective in the dressing of wounds, primarily because of its antimicrobial and osmotic properties.
Osmosis induced by the high sugar content of honey is what creates the moist environment for healing. Vallentine’s Honey serves as an effective film between a wound and dressing, which allows the dressing to be lifted off painlessly, without tearing off the recently regrown cells.

Oxygenation of the tissue is essential for the growth of new tissues. Vallentine’s Honey also increases the release of oxygen from haemoglobin in the blood.
Powerful antioxidants in the honey prevent the formation of damaging free radicals which are the cause of inflammation.
The anti-inflammatory action and the stimulating effect on the growth of new blood capillaries has been well observed clinically.

Another benefit of Vallentine’s Honey is that it acts as a messenger between different types of cells involved in the body’s immune response to infection.

Country of Origin: Australia

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