Pureharvest Golden Milk Coco Quench

Golden Milk Coco Quench


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Pureharvest Golden Coconut Quench is made with coconut milk and a carefully crafted mix of spices. With turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and cinnamon they have created a delicious and unique beverage inspired by the traditions of Asia.

This 100% natural recipe combines the health benefits of coconut with bioavailable turmeric, a natural source of curcumin. They use a unique process which draws on traditional techniques to combine the healthy fats of coconut milk with turmeric and black pepper to make a well balanced and nourishing beverage.

Because they derive the goodness of the Golden Quench from the whole natural ingredients they only use the finest quality spices in this product.

Weight 12.0000 kg

1L, 1Lx12